Practice Oral Commentary Guidelines SL

25 07 2011

1. Prepare a 5-10 minute oral commentary on the poem/author assigned to you. This is INDIVIDUAL WORK, which will be graded using the rubrics for SL Oral Commentary; to see the actual rubrics, click here.

2. While making your commentary, the only thing you’re allowed to hold is a printed copy of your poem. Written notes on your poem are allowed.

3. Make sure to introduce your author by citing IMPORTANT DETAILS about his/her life and contribution to poetry/literature. Avoid citing trivial details like place of birth, names of family members or relatives, etc. Try also to interpret the poem by researching about the TIME/ERA when the poem was written and how it affected the readers and other poets at that time.

4. Please remember to introduce your commentary with a THESIS STATEMENT. You don’t need to directly state, “My thesis statement is…”

5. INTERPRET and not merely paraphrase the lines/words in the poems. If possible, look for the rhyme and metering scheme. Point out the figures of speech used and discuss why they are important in the poem.

6.This activity will commence on July 27 (Day 3). The teacher will draw lots to determine the speakers of the day. There will be 6-8 speakers each session.


Upcoming activities:

August 5 (Day 4) – Written Commentary Exam 1: All Poems Discussed in the Class (Graded, Recorded)

August 8 (Day 1) – Written Commentary Exam 2: Unseen Poems (Graded, Recorded)

August 10 (Day 3) – Start of Discussion of Poetry by Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes

August 12 (Day 1) – Deadline of submission of Creative Output #2: Modern Poem

August 15 (Day 3) – Reading of Modern Poems in class

Creative Output #2: Modern Poem

1. Compose a modern poem (free style or using old poetic forms but with a twist)  dealing with current social or personal issues.

2. Borrow elements from the poets/poems from Part 4-6. State these allusions and influences when you read your poem in the class on August 15.

3. Your poem should have 30-50 lines.

4. The poem should be submitted on on August 12; it will be Day 2 on that date, so the submission should be done even if we wouldn’t meet in the classroom on that day.

5. This requirement is part of the 10% of the Xavier School semestral grade.




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