English HL Poetry Portfolio

4 07 2011

Kindly take note of the following deadlines:

1) Adaptation of Auden’s “The Unknown Citizen” – Friday, July 8

2) The Four Glimpses of ____ – Monday, July 11

3) Poem based on film clip – Friday, July 15

Each poem should be at least 4 stanzas long and each stanza should have a minimum of four lines each.  It is recommended for novice poetry writers to focus on one symbol or one type of mood; their word choices are then determined by this symbol or setting. The goal is to craft a single dominant impression of a scene, an idea, a person, or an object.

This is the link to the rubrics by which your poems will be graded.

Print out hard copies of your poem on short bond paper (you may use recycled paper). After the title, write down a pseudonym (i.e. “The Four Glimpses of The Godfather” by The Patron); then on the upper right-hand corner at the back, write down your name (i.e. Miki Chua).




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