Ithaca Magazine

9 09 2010

Your task is to create a magazine which features Odysseus’s beloved hometown, Ithaca. Using the LC worksheets as primary materials and resources, your Literature Circle group should be able to organize the ideas in these outputs and recreate them as actual sections in a magazine. The various members and tasks needed in the creation of a magazine can be refashioned to suit the actual roles and tasks in a LC discussion:

The Discussion Director is the Editor in Chief. His task is to write an editorial piece or a commentary on the state of Ithaca. He will collaborate with the rest of the team and will have the final say on the final output. He can also contribute an opinion column in the Features section.

The Adventurous Artist is the Creative/Design Director. He will create an Ithaca-inspired cover layout with an article explaining the cover and conceptualize the overall design of the magazine. He may also insert creative relevant ads in the magazine.

The Literary Luminary acts as the Article Editor. His task is to write feature articles focusing on local issues about Ithaca. An opinion article can also supplemented by this member.

The Cool Connector is the Executive Editor. He will be in charge of creating and answering  letters to the editors of the magazine; the messages should be about Ithaca but linked to a topic and issue of a different realm or place. He can also contribute a feature article.

The Character Captain is the Research Editor. His task is to present an article which will feature different persons in Ithaca. He may also transcribe an interview or a come up with a Q&A section in the magazine.

The Wacky Wordsmith is the Literary Editor. He will compose poems or a story which will feature important words about the events and people of Ithaca. He may also create other fun sections in the magazine such as a crossword puzzle or other word games.

You will be given two sessions to collaborate, design, edit, and publish your magazine as a pdf or word document through or any website where your magazine will be best viewed. Your magazine should have 10-15 pages. There is no word limit on any of the text but ideally the magazine articles should be insightful and interesting enough for readers who are not familiar with Ithaca. You are encouraged to think and act like Ithacans in some of the articles, but you may also use an impersonal or professional tone in your articles. The focus of the magazine should still be about the events that happened in Ithaca in the last few books of “The Odyssey” by Homer. You have the freedom to choose the tone and mood of your magazine.

Your magazine will be judged on content, creativity, organization and voice.

The winning group will be exempted in the next written exam.

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