The Odyssey Online

16 08 2010


Your literary circle group will collaborate to create a travel-photo blog, featuring the events in the Books IX-XII of Homer’s “The Odyssey”. You can use any blog website of your choice (wordpress, blogspot, etc.). Each member of the group should write at least one blog entry.

Your blog entry should feature:

1. any visual artwork (paintings or photos) which depicts the events or symbolisms or mood/tone in the narrative of the blog entry; no other multimedia (videos, music, etc) should be used;

2. an introductory quote, no longer than 20 lines, from the epic poem;

3. a narrative in prose written from the perspective of another character who is present in the story being told; the body of the narrative should be 500-750 words; the writer’s name should be revealed anywhere in the blog entry;

4. a critique of the actions, decisions, and characteristics of Odysseus; this should be written as comments in the blog entry; each member of the lit circle group should write at least two comments on any of the blog entries;

5. citations of sources used (for online quotes, photos, multimedia, etc.).

Your blog will be judged on the following criteria: content, creativity, conventions, and voice.

The deadline for the blog entries will be announced by your teacher.

The group whose blog will be judged as the best will be EXEMPTED in the next exams next week, which will cover Books I-XII of “The Odyssey”.




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