IB Literature Circles

23 07 2010

On Tuesday, July 27, we shall have a Literature Circles Activity for Books I-IV of The Odyssey. Please check the XS IB English wordpress for details as to where to download the LC activity sheets. These activity sheets have also been modified so please read the instructions carefully as to how to go about preparing for your role:

For the first Lit Circle discussion, this is the assigned grouping and your corresponding roles:

Team Zeus:

Discussion Director – Cedric Wang
Literary Luminary – Miki Chua
Character Captain – Gian Odeste
Wacky Wordsmith – James Zamora
Adventurous Artist – Janz Chiang
Cool Connector – John Cocabo

Team Poseidon:

Discussion Director – John So
Literary Luminary – John Lu
Character Captain – Jon Ridge Ong
Wacky Wordsmith -Alvaro Arcilla
Adventurous Artist – Kendric Tee
Cool Connector – Kyle Lim

Team  Hades:

Discussion Director – Liam Ng
Literary Luminary – Martin Ibasco
Character Captain – Marvin Amin
Wacky Wordsmith – Maverick Cootauco
Adventurous Artist – Polo Reyes
Cool Connector – RJ Huang

Team Apollo:

Discussion Director – Richard Go
Literary Luminary – Steven Chua
Character Captain – Theo Monteverde
Wacky Wordsmith – Timothy Ngo
Adventurous Artist – Shane Ng
Cool Connector – Richard Go

Team Hephaestus:

Discussion Director – Aldrich Mayoralgo
Literary Luminary – Kenrick Ng, Javi Benitez, Sean Ocier

Character Captain – Jao Gamboa

Wacky Wordsmith – Edrich Ty
Adventurous Artist – Jerome Lim
Cool Connector – Bernell Go

Team Dionysus:

Discussion Director – Matthew Tan
Literary Luminary – Quirby Alberto, Lance Tanganco

Character Captain – Cedric Chan
Wacky Wordsmith – Vincent Floro
Adventurous Artist – Kenneth Nacion
Cool Connector – Chase Yao

Team Ares:

Discussion Director – Kevin Ting
Literary Luminary – Alberto Oxales, Javison Guzman

Character Captain – David Yulo
Wacky Wordsmith – Benedict Co
Adventurous Artist – Armand Gozali
Cool Connector – Paul Dee

3. Download the Lit Circle forms from http://www.scribd.com/sirnicolay

4. Accomplish the form by editing it using any word-processing software. You don’t need to print the form. Just save the document as you edit it with your answers. You must accomplish the form at least a day before the Lit Circle discussion in class.

5. Upload your accomplished Lit Circle form in http://www.scribd.com through the following accounts:

(On the Scribd website, DO NOT create or use your own account!)

1. Click [Log in].

2. Click [Already have a Scribd account].

Team Zeus


log-in account: ibateamzeus

password: litcircles

Team Poseidon


log-in account: ibateamposeidon

password: litcircles

Team Hades


log-in account: ibateamhades

password: litcircles

Team Apollo


log-in account: ibateamapollo

password: litcircles

Team Hephaestus


log-in account: ibbteamhephaestus

password: litcircles

Team Dionysus


log-in account: ibbteamdionysus

password: litcircles

Team Ares


log-in account: ibbteamares

password: litcircles




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