23 07 2010

EXAM 1: Mythology

Read the webpage on Theseus, which chronicles the important events in various stories about your assigned Greek hero.



Write a 750-1000 word essay about the importance and influence of this mythology hero in modern times.

I. Consider the following as you research for and write your essay:

1. the encompassing or universal theme in the mythology stories about the hero and how it is still relevant today

2. the influence of the characters, events and other elements on modern English language

3. the aspects of the monomyth cycle or epic heroes applied in the story and the presence of these elements in modern stories

II. If you’ll use an online source, please avoid unreliable sources like wikipedia.com or about.com. Also, below your essay, cite the URL of the webpage(s) where you’ll borrow a text or information. Use of multimedia such as images or video is not allowed.

III. Use http://wordcounter.net to check the number of words you use.

IV. You can use any word-processing software. Provide a unique or creative title for your essay. Use double-space, a size-12 regular font. Save your document as a .doc file with the following format: <firstnameinitial><lastnameexam>01.doc (e.g. bmagallonaexam01.doc )

V. Email your exam document with the subject: <NAME> – Mythology Exam

to bmmagallona@yahoo.com . Don’t forget to attach your file in your email!




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