Patterns and Similarities in Fiction

16 07 2010
  • As a group, you will discuss the patterns and similarities of two or three titles in your chosen topic. Do NOT focus on their differences.
  • You will document your discussion by creating your own online WALL of ideas in
  • Delegate the following tasks: one secretary, one facilitator/leader/reporter, researchers.
  • The secretary will save the wall by doing a screen-capture of the chart/table and post the picture on the English class wordpress website as a separate blog entry.
  • Keep your arguments simple and concise. Forget specific examples for each pattern or similarity you’ll find.
  • In the blog entry, write down the observation and opinions of the group regarding the research.
  • You have 20 minutes to research and post your chart.
  • The facilitator/leader will report the group’s discoveries. The report should not go beyond 3 minutes.



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16 07 2010
16 07 2010

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