On the Importance of Names

13 07 2010

These two well-written blog entries about two famous athletes explore how a person’s name can lead to fame shame.

This is an excerpt from Kenneth Nacion’s “Do a Zidane”–read his entire blog entry here.

“In the 2nd extra period, the two goalscorers were set to collide. As Zidane and Materazzi were jogging up the pitch together, they exchanged words and then Materazzi was seen tugging at Zidane’s jersey. After a while, Zidane jogged away from Materazzi, only for him to come back to the Italian and headbutt him squarely on the chest.

The incident didn’t go unpunished. As Materazzi was on the ground in pain, the referee penalized Zidane by giving him a red-card, which means he was sent off from the game. Italy would go on to win the World Cup on penalties 5-3 because of the miss of one French player.

What could’ve happened if Zidane remained in the game? This was a player who could turn a game on its head with one magical move. What if he was the one who took the penalty kick instead of the one who missed? We’ll never know. After all, he ended his spectacular career with a headbutt and a red card.”


Reflecting on the much-publicized news about Lebron James quitting Cleveland Cavaliers, Sean Ocier’s “You Got Lebron’d” essay also discusses the same issue of an athlete who took matters in his own hands. Read Sean’s full blog essay here.

“It’s 2010. James is not in Cleveland anymore. He’s with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. Obviously, Cleveland fans have a right to be upset about this, but to someone in, let’s say, here in the Philippines, it’s kinda fine. However, as I said earlier, it’s not his decision, it’s the way he did it. James and his advertising people went through the time to make a 1 hour special for him to announce his next basketball destination on (US) national TV. Now, that just stinks of vanity and narcissism. He could have just gone with a regular behind-closed-doors signing with a team and inform people later. However, he had to make it all about himself and keep every team interested in him handcuffed. I mean, Cleveland could have gotten some other players in free agency had James informed them earlier that he’d leave. He didn’t though, and kept them waiting until his decision, and by that time, all the good players were snatched up by other teams. In the end, James humiliated his entire hometown (which I’m sure will be his hometown no longer) for all of the US to see. That’s just cruel and unnecessary. He just dropped from one of the most-liked players in the NBA to one of the most hated (or maybe even the most; it’s hard to argue with more than 11.5 million people.”

Image Sources:

Zidane’s headbutt

Lebron James jersey burning




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