What’s in a Name?

8 07 2010

Tasks for today:

  • You are to create your own mind map or diagram similar to your teacher’s using the website http://www.bubbl.us
  • Use google.com or other search engines to research about the meaning of your full name.
  • Note that your first name/s, middle name, and last name should be treated as separate entries in the diagram.
  • If there are no exact meaningful names with etymology which match your name, get the closest one. Use your judgment to select the best name which comes close to your real name.
  • Summarize the long entries by getting the key words, which describe the nature of your name. These should be placed at the farthest part of the diagram or mind map.
  • Once finished, take a screenshot of your diagram (press Command+Shift+4, then click and drag the mouse pointer to form a frame which will capture a part of your screen), then post this picture as a blog entry on your own wordpress website. Make sure that the wordpress blog is the one linked in the IB English WordPress website.
  • Provide your own creative title for the blog entry. No need yet to write anything after posting the picture. If you need help posting a picture in wordpress, ask a classmate or your teacher how to do so.
  • You have only 25-30 minutes to do this.



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