On Relevance of Mythology to our World Today

2 07 2010

“I think that what we can learn from the different characters reported to in the class is that the Greeks had such vivid imaginations and used these tales to explain and entertain the world around them, and it influenced their society as a whole. The heroes displayed their aspirations for perfection yet still possessing major flaws; their Gods portrayed how they perceived higher authority, an all-mighty pantheon that were as human as themselves in personality; and their monsters were their fears made living, their insecurities and flaws manifest. From these interpretations of Greek society, I learned that we as humans also possess the power to change society for the better with our imaginations and human capabilities, yet also have grave imperfections and flaws that bring down civilization.”

from Jao Gamboa of 3G. Read his entire blog entry here.


“Everyone wants to be remembered. So hopefully, since we did our part in remembering the ancient civilizations through their Mythology, maybe someday in the distant future, our stories, our achievements, our passions, our history, would be remembered as well.”

from Kevin Ting of 3D. Read his entire blog entry here.


“Mythology is generally supposed to show us the way humanity thought and felt untold ages ago. According to this view, we can retrace the path of civilization; and interestingly, mythology can lead us back to a time when the world was young. Artists intended upon producing something never seen except in their own minds. The imagination was vividly alive, a glimpse of that strangely and beautifully animated world. Myths are early science; the result of men’s first trying to explain what they saw around them. Religion is also present in the background. What great and bitter needs humans have and what they must have in their god. The perception of god as the giver of every good gift and the savior of the weak was longed by all men. Mythology is still relevant because nothing is clearer than the fact that man, whether in today or eons ago, never has been a creature who lives with bright visions. There will always be something to prick that bubble. However, myths show how high mankind had risen to the occasion at the globe’s center. With its coming, the universe became rational, a matter of fact and a standard of justice.”

from Quirby Alberto of 3E. His blog entry can be found here.




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